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Re: Some dpkg-cross issues

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> Hi Nikita,
> some points from me which need attention.
> dh_shlibdeps -l<path> :
>   dh_shlibdeps sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH with `pwd`/debian/mylib/usr/lib and
>   calls /usr/bin/dpkg-shlibdeps but the dpkg-cross variant does not
>   consider LD_LIBRARY_PATH ?

dpkg-shlibdeps.orig uses ldd, so it's behaviour depends on LD_LIBRARY_PATH 
dpkg-shlibdeps uses objdump, so it is no affected by LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Could you please provide an example that relies dh_shlibdeps -l, so we 
could look what exactly for it is used, and decide how dpkg-cross should 
handle it (if it should)?

> install -s :
>   The install application from fileutils package offer the -s option
>   for strip applications while installing them. install uses only the
>   native version of strip. $STRIP is not used!

This means that instead of diverting dh_strip, we should ensure that strip 
that is in path can handle non-native binaries.

I suggest to remove diversion of dh_strip we currently have, and instead 
write a 'strip' script that checks the arch of the binary that is given to 
it, and chooses appropriate strip binary, depending on what is available 
and what is the architecture of the given binary.
This script may either divert /usr/bin/strip, or (probably better) places 
somewhere in /usr/share/dpkg-cross/, and this directory msay be added to 
$PATH in dpkg-buildpackage.

This way we will ensure compatibility with any external programs that want 
strip, and will be able to process calls to strip both native and target 

> Quoting in ~/.dpkg-cross/cross-compile :
>   I've have had to set CXX for a package to a more compilated string
>   with spaces. If spaces have to be accepted they have to quoted with
>   a leading \, e.g. CXX=powerpc-hardhat-linux-c++\ -Wall\ -Isomewhere

Hmm... Not sure this is a good idea. Currently it may work as a side effect 
of the way variables are passed. I'm not sure this will work always (e.g. 
both in makeflags and environment). I don't like side effects.

Isn't it better to make setup_cross_env() to do necessary quoting?

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