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Re: Community development process

+++ Allen Curtis [04-07-07 07:31 -0700]:
> I have been very surprised that the buildd server provided is not being 
> used or even configured. What is the development process in this group? 
> When or why is publicly available server required? I hate to see good 
> hardware wasted.

It's not being ignored, Allen - but there are only a few people doing active
emdebian work at the moment and it's holiday season so things aren't
happenning particularly quickly.

I've just made it the official web server and it's generating the pages OK.
The website has been updated.

Can you add a cron job to run /var/emdebian/bin/updateweb daily overnight
please Allen?

I think phillipe has asked you for an account as he was going to get stuck
in on some building stuff.

Are you still worried that it does not have enough security stuff installed?

I've been wrestling with my home network and changing everything as I've
just had broadband installed and work is crazy (so I'm still here at 20:24),
but I'll do more on it now I've got better access at home.

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