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Hello and some toolchain questions

(Sorry for the spam if you all get this twice - I sent it earlier today but from a different email address than the one I subscribed with, something that often makes list servers cranky... As I haven't gotten it back yet I'm hoping no one will ever get it!).


I've just started setting up and arm-linux development system and, surprise surprise have a few questions! I'm pretty new to debian - last time I did all of this it was under redhat and I just built the toolchains directly from source.

To date, I've been getting the toolchain set up using the instructions at:


This has mostly worked quite well. However, I did hit a few problems:

- I was unable to get c++ to build
- We would rather use newlib than libc, but it was unclear as to what I had to do to get this working.

For now I've just built gcc 3.3.3 using libc and c only. This seems to work in that it can compile the linux kernel (2.6.7) - absolutely no idea if it works though.

In perusing the archives for this list it looks like there's lots of excellent work going on with regards to getting standard cross-dev toolchains set up. What is the status with these regarding stability? I would much rather use something that is known to be stable (and configured by a professional)!

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


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