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Re: dpkg-cross: dh_strip & make-kpkg issues

> I'm becoming confused...
> 'package X:' accepts sourcepackage name or binary package name?
Of course, the source package name (maybe I should change the variable
names a little bit ;).

> Kernel developers won't change anything unless a HUGE reason exists.
> They definitly don't (and shouldn't) care about dpkg-cross.
What I intent to say is that it is not unusual that well known projects do
not like to accept the conventions. (Please do not blame me while saying

> 'mode', 'scope' and 'package' are orthogonal, not scoped.
For my understanding. I can write the following cross-compile configuration:

  mode testmodeA:

  scope makeflags:
  package pkg10:

  scope environment:
  package pkg10:

  mode testmodeB:

  scope makeflags:
  package pkg10:

  scope environment:
  package pkg10:

Is it not the way dpkg-buildpackage is working if -M is used ?

For you 'architecture XXX:' should not be scoped by mode. But this would
make it less flexible for my point of view.

> However, we may postpone this until a real-world example is found.
Yes, we should wait until a request.


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