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dpkg-cross: dh_strip & make-kpkg issues


first, the dh_strip issue is fixed for me so I forward a patch to Nikita

The make-kpkg issue for all that people who try to cross-compile the kernel
sources with dpkg-cross is a little bit complicated. dpkg-buildpackage & Co.
change the ARCH environment variable via MAKEFLAGS. The make-kpkg production
prcess include the kernel Makefile which uses $(ARCH) too.

The kernel sources uses ARCH e.g. for include architecture specific
Makefiles: include arch/$(ARCH)/Makefile
Until now dpkg-cross uses an another name convention for architectures as
the kernel sources. "powerpc" for dpkg-cross is "ppc" for the kernel
sources. Here a possible mapping for archs that differ (kernel ->

cris -> not supported by Debian ?
mips64 -> not supported by Debian ?
parisc -> not supported by Debian ?
ppc -> powerpc
ppc64 -> not supported by Debian ?
s390x -> not supported by Debian ?
sh -> sh3, sh4, sh3eb, sh4eb
x86_64 -> ia64

I'm looking now for the best solution to get make-kpkg cross-compiled with
dpkg-buildpackage from dpkg-cross. Any idears would be appreciated!


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