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Re: dpkg-cross maintenance / development

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> An another question. I'm playing here with dpkg-cross and my
> modifications. I saw that dh_strip won't be replaced so native strip is
> running for cross-compiled libraries. Without binutils-multiarch the ELF
> file is destroyed!
> dpkg-buildpackage append the cross-tools at the end of PATH:
> $ENV{'PATH'} = "$ENV{PATH}:/usr/local/bin:$crossbin";

I've looked at this problem, but then forgot about it. Thank you for 

I didn't workaround it (by moving $crossbin to the first position) because 
there was an old comment in the code stating that it is a bad idea to put 
$crossbin first, and I didn't examine the details yet.

> How did you solve this problem ? I intent to replace dh_strip...

IMHO the correct fix should go to debhelper's dh_strip: it should honour 
$STRIP environment variable. In general, it would be good (at least for 
EmDebian people) if debhelper and dpkg-dev scripts would honour a set of 
environment variables to locate executables and data files. Currently 
EmDebian's stag-addons tries to replace debhelper completely, which will 
cause out-of-sync problems in the long term.

A good temporary solution for the issue with dh_strip for dpkg-cross is to 
devert it with a script that will:
- - locate appropriate strip binary,
- - if binary name is not "strip", create a temporary directory and a symlink 
named "strip" there that will point to the strip binary,
- - set PATH such that correct strip binary will be called
- - execute original dh_strip
- - remove temporary directory if one was created.

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