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Re: sarge on MPC853e

In message <[🔎] 20040525122553.GA7071@esher> you wrote:
> I was recently trying to prepare a nfsroot environment for Motorola PPC 823e

You are probably aware that there is no FPU in the MPC8xx  family  of
processors,  so  you  should  use  soft-float  for  all  compilations
(including all target libraries).

> awk segfaults, strace shows that the segfault happens after mmaping libm.so.6

This is probably because of mixing binaries and libraries  that  have
been  compiled  differently,  i.  e.  one  with and the other without

> OK, I said to me, something wrong with glibc in sarge and floating point, so I


> Anyone has a clue what could be the cause? the kernel we are running is a hand
> patched ppc 2.4.20, but I've already received a report that 2.4.24 from
> denx.de can be booted on our MPC853e based board succesfully, so I'll give it
> a try soon, meanwhile I'm just speculating..

This  is  not  really  a  kernel  issue.  It  is  mostly  a  compiler
configuration / compiler options / target library issue. Make sure to
use   -msoft-float   when   building  all  your  libraries,  and  all

And don't forget about any necessary  patches  for  the  small  cache
lines on the 8xx.

And better forget about using kernel FP emulation.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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