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Re: first shot?

Hello Benjamin, and others, 
Sorry for the late answer but I have been away for a few days. 
Quoting Henrion Benjamin <bh@udev.org>: 
> Can we have instructions on how to build a "first shot" emdebian 
> distrib? (I'm not talking about uwoody here) 
Well you can find basic instructions for adapting packages in the quickstart guide on my 
site. (stag.mind.be) I will add some more packages once I have tested them. 
Unfortunately I haven't had much time and have exams for the next month. Anyway, I 
am also working on getting the install scripts and dependencies right. This should be 
available in a draft document quite soon. For now you can basically install a busybox and 
some extra tools like a webserver or strace in a debian fashion and get started really 
quickly. It is not much, but it should be a good starting point. 
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