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Re: which embedded hardware?

Have you looked at the Xilinx Virtex-II Pro?

Memec has some very nice V2P boards.  They start at
$200.  You can get 3.125 Mbs Rocket I/O or ethernet
or both.

 Try this link.


Here's the details on one kit that cost $1695. Its
overkill for what you want, and I'm sure you can find
the right features for a cheaper price, but I just
don't have time to do the research for you.  Good luck!

-mike wellington

Virtex-II Pro FF1152 Development Kit Includes:

    * Virtex-II Pro FF1152 System Board
o Virtex-II Pro FPGA device (2VP20, 2VP30, or 2VP50 in the FF1152)
          o Six RocketIO transceivers (3.125 Gbps)
          o Two iSFP interfaces (3.125 Gbps)
          o 16-Bit Tx/Rx LVDS interface
          o 10/100 Ethernet PHY
          o Two SDRAM Memory Blocks
            (32 MB each, x32 memory configuration)
          o P160 Expansion slot
          o System ACE interface
          o IDE interface and two serial ports
          o Three programmable LVDS clocks
          o User switches and LEDs
          o Two standard clock sources
          o 2 x 16 Character LCD
          o JTAG, CPU debug, CPU JTAG ports
    * MGT and serial port cables
    * Xilinx Embedded Development Kit (EDK) software
    * AC/DC power supply adapter
    * Complete reference designs with source code
      (VHDL and/or Verilog HDL)
    * Optional SFP optical modules
    * Bundled software options


Sadegh Aliakbary wrote:

Hi all

I want an embedded system with these features:

- At least two 100Mbps Ethernet

- High performance for processing the Ethernets traffic (about 30 Mbps bandwidth)

- An embedded OS (Linux is preferred)

What do you recommend me?

Best Regards

_Sadegh Aliakbary_

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