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Re: developer wiki for todo-list etc...

karthik bala guru <kbalaguru0@yahoo.com> [040330]:
> Greeeeeeeeeat idea Philip,
> Wiki will surely be very fine . But i think isn't this up to the debian site owners 
> to decide this ? I am ready to support and willing to be part of the development
> team .
> Regards,
> karthik bala guru
> Philippe De Swert <philippe.deswert@student.denayer.wenk.be> wrote:
> Hello everybody, 
> I was recently browsing the emdebian website and I wondered if a wiki wouldn't 
> be useful. Especially for things that should be changed quite often or where 

I was thinking the same.

> user-feedback could be handy. The todo-list is already such a thing, 
> eventually a small documentation/ FAQ wiki,... As I do not have any experience 
> with (nor the resources) setting up one, I wondered if somebody did.I'm 

Go ssh on sourceforge. There's a wiki moin installed into the omniorb
directory. Just copy it to a dir, and then clean the db of Moin.

I can setup a CSS with colors of debian (can be nicer then the
traditional Moin).

> willing to help where possible. If of course this seems to be a good idea. 
> Other questions do also pop up, like should it be editable by anyone or just 
> developers? ... 

I can do it, but I need to be added on the developpers on sf. I think
the website is hosted at sf.


Benjamin Henrion <bh@udev.org>

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