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Re: gcc, binutils and uclibc of reference?

On Sun Mar 07, 2004 at 01:54:02AM +0100, Philippe De Swert wrote:
> Uclibc is a completely other matter. The version available now
> is 0.9.26 and is quite stable I believe (I'm using it now in my
> latest toolchain and everything seems to work) However since
> the 0.9.25 release they are saying they WILL be breaking binary
> compatibilty in the upcoming release. 

Already done in CVS...  We discovered some time ago we needed to
make some changes to allow stdio performance to be on par with or
better than glibc.

As of 0.9.26, uClibc is doing very well with the various test
suites such as LTP and generally speaking things are working
very nicely.  My uwoody distro I put together


is mostly stock debian woody compiled vs uClibc, and is based on
0.9.26.  I need to rework the gcc and binutils packages -- since
I released uwoody we have done a massive cleanup of our gcc and
binutils patches so they should now actually be acceptable
upstream, and no longer prevent using the toolchain source with

I've been a bit out of touch recently though, since my wife had
a baby earlier this week...


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