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Re: London show - who wants to help out?

Hello Wookey, 
I would like to come to (as I mentioned at Fosdem) but everything depends on 
my financial situation at that time. I'm already saving for it :) All 
suggestions about transport from Belgium and a decent place to stay (not to 
expensive) are welcome. This way I can start planning. 
Quoting Wookey <wookey@aleph1.co.uk>: 
> Ideally we want at least 3 people present on both days to keep the punters 
> informed and entertained. It's an opportunity to show off your Embedded 
> Linux stuff/expertise at the same time as promoting Emdebian. 
Would be a good opportunity to train my English too :) 
> Can anyone who wants to help out please get in touch so we can sort out the 
> admin. No need for total comittment at this stage, but some idea would be 
> good. Pretty toys and demos or funky hardware are good of course. 
If we get Emdebian running by that time, I could try to lend a nice board from 
Mind or from the opencore people (Fosdem presentation of Patrick Pelgrims) 
PS: I got your mail about the emdebian approach and I'm working on it. Didn't 
want to do that too fast so to make something nice and consistent 
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