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Re: isl3893.sf.net project created

In message <20040226190110.GA21980@localhost> Henrion Benjamin wrote:
> Many wireless access points are running a modified version of uClinux on
> an intersil SoC ISL3893 combined with other wireless ISL chipset.
> Linksys has currently released a mini-distrib for this chip, and I'm
> personnaly in contact with the AP manager of Intersil. He promised me to
> release the GPL code soon. Anyway, it appears that the only part of the
> code which is not GPL is the booter, I will try to call him to see if
> it's possible to GPLed it.

This is a ARM9 core, right? It  should  be  straight-forward  to  get
U-Boot running on that chip.

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Wolfgang Denk

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