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Re: Debian gcc-3.3 source package now can build cross-compilers

> > Hello.
> >
> > Some time ago I've created patches for Debian gcc-3.3 source package
> > to build cross-compilers out-of-the-box. Both gcc-3.3 and g++-3.3 are
> > built, together with libgcc1, libstdc++5, libstdc++5-3.3-dev,
> > libstdc++-5-3.3-pic, libstdc++5-3.3-dbg packages. Library packages are
> > built similar to ones created by dpkg-cross.
> > Separate cpp package is not needed for gcc-3.3, because it uses
> > integrated cpp by default.
> >
> > These paches are already in the mainstream package that is currently
> > in Debian-sid. Readme.cross file there explains how to build
> > cross-compilers.
> >
> > I tested these for arm target. The built cross-compiler packages,
> > together with library and lib-dev packages from debian sid for arm
> > architecture converted by dpkg-cross (see paches for dpkg-cross in
> > Debian BTS), lead to clean and consistent build environment. I already
> > suceed to build qt-embedded and opie it this environment, and am quite
> > satisfied with the results. (next step here is to use Debian build
> > tools and procedures to auto-build ipk's that will have consistent
> > dependency information)
> >
> > It should be possible to build cross-compilers for other architectures
> > too.
> >
> > I'm looking for bug reports and feedback on my compiler-related work.
> This sounds excellent. I spent some time last year building arm
> cross-compilers using the toolchina-source method but all agreed that it
> had problems but I couldn't get the native gcc cross-build stuff to work
> properly (partly due to running out of disk space a lot!).

I liked toolchain-source package idea a lot, but the implementation just 
did not work for me - I got compilation errors while compiling libstdc++, 
and after some investigations I found the weakness of toolchain-source 
approach: it does not get the result of the huge work of debian-gcc team. 
Unless toolchain-source is not updated after every gcc upload, it gets 

So the way to go is either to set up autogeneration of toolchain-source 
package from binutils and gcc source packages, or to use binutils and gcc 
source packages directly. I did the later.

> Codesourcery have just released an 'offical' arm cross-compiler and ARM
> would like to see it debianized. Hopfully I can combine your work with
> the gcc 3.4-pre they've been using to make a version that has all the
> new 'arm-approved' stuff in it but also fits with Debian's set-up.
> Where can I see your patches? Are they incorporated in the packages in
> unstable? Are you interested in helping with getting 'officially
> blessed' arm cross-compiler versions into debian?

Sounds interesting :)

However, I didn't touch a byte in gcc itself. I just modified package 
building scripts (there was some older support for cross-compilers there, 
but it just didn't work). Yes, my work it in sid version of gcc-3.3 

If you are doing some work inside gcc, you perhaps should submit your 
patches to gcc upstream. Then it will be available in Debain and in all 
other distros out-of-the-box.
Alternatively, you may submit your patches to debian-gcc people. Currently 
quite a few patches are applied to gcc source when packages are built.

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