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Re: How are the new docs coming along?

On Tue Dec 02, 2003 at 10:55:32AM -0700, Liberty Young wrote:
> I know Eric Anderson was also working on a rootfs of debian-uclibc. Is
> that yet available to the public at large? 

s/Eric Anderson/Erik Andersen/

I just got back home yesterday afternoon from travelling for the
past couple of weeks (business, then to visit my parents for the
Thanksgiving holiday here in the US).  I had hoped to get my
debian-uclibc system released before I left, but I ran a bit
short on time and didn't finish in time.  Story of my life.  I'm
sure I'll be late to my own funeral too.  ;-)

Never fear however...  I have my debian-uclibc system in pretty
good shape with some 550+ packages built for x86.  I need to make
a few additional updates to the gcc .deb (i.e. the gcc .deb is
not building just yet so I'm still using a hand built gcc), and I
need to clean up a few remaining little hacks before posting what
I have.

Remeber though -- this is a first cut.   It works pretty well in
my testing thus far.  Basically, it is stock debian woody (with
about 80 .debs from testing mixed in when necessary) all compiled
with uClibc.  But it is also not even slightly optimized for use
in embedded systems just yet....  This is a starting point for
further efforts as we better define exactly what it means to be 
a debian embedded system (as opposed to a bog standard debian

I have also put considerable thought into what it means to be a
debian embedded system and I plan to post a short writeup with
some debian-embedded policy ideas at the same time.  Things like
init runlevel policy, faster boot time policy, dealing with
documentation (which is generally unwanted when storing things
into flash), and even dealing with build depends (such that one
could actually recompile a complete debian embedded system in one
go without needing a uber guru spending several weeks hacking
packages to work around circular build depends), etc, etc.  I've
been writing up a document on the subject that I hope will start
some interesting discussion.

Once I get caught up on email and such I plan to get back to work
on this and fully expect to post everything in the next few days.
I've put over a month into getting things bootstrapped, so I hope
my efforts will start the debian-embedded wheels turning.  :-)


Erik B. Andersen             http://codepoet-consulting.com/
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