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Unidentified subject!

Hi every body,

Any one can suggest me how can I make avaible the I/O
ports of a multiport serial card.

when I try to make for example 

#setserial /dev/ttyS5 irq 9 uart 16550
LSR safety check engaged

and when I made

#statserial /dev/ttyS5
TIOCMGET failed: Input/output error

When I read se Serial HOWTO  and it points to enable
the I/O addresses.

the idea is when I made a 

lspci -vv

the Control register show

I/O -

And when I make 
setpci -d 13a8:0158 command=101 

the I/O don't become enable
 it remains with I/O -

and the register actually take the value 100 that is
setpci -d 13a8:0158 command

I look for other devices like the sound card and the
video card ... (they have the I/O enable (I/O+)

and look for its controls register 

setpci -d vendor_id:device_id command
and the answer  was

Then I try to put the same value 
setpci -d 13a8:0158 command=0007

but when I turn to look

setpci -d 13a8:0158 command

the answer was 

regards Fidel

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