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Poster for shows

Due to the upcoming Linux Expo in London (8th/9th October) where Embedded
Debian will be sharing the Debian stand, I'm getting a poster made so that
people realise Debian is a good place to come for impartial embedded OS

If it's to be printed in time I need to get it to the printers today so
there isn't much time for dissent but I'm posting here just so people know
what's going on. Martin Michlmayr suggested ayo as having done some good
work and he kindly did us a poster, dramatically improving the graphical
quality of emdebian at a stroke:

If anyone interested in representing emdebian is free on the above dates
feel free to show up with any interesting hardware you might have. I and
kylikki (Vincent Sanders) will be there with a collection of ARM-based
devices. Organistion for the show is being done on the
debian-uk@lists.chiark.greenend.org list.

Aleph One Ltd, Bottisham, CAMBRIDGE, CB5 9BA, UK  Tel +44 (0) 1223 811679
work: http://www.aleph1.co.uk/     play: http://www.chaos.org.uk/~wookey/

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