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Re: PCMCIA interrupts on PC104+

David Goodenough wrote:

[much hardware specs]

When I start up the system it finds the PCMCIA card
BIOS would still not
know which board in the stack used which lines and therefore which IRQs.

Actually, it should be able to read these if it can identify the cards. My PC/104 (non-+) doesn't support PCMCIA in the BIOS at all, and unless you are booting off one of these devices, you may be able to speed up your boot time by turning off PCMCIA detection in the BIOS. I'm kinda newish to PCMCIA and this form factor myself, though, so ...

If we are back to the ISA world, now do I specify which IRQs
are actually being used to the PCMCIA software in linux.

PC/104 is ISA, so that's where I am. My board defaults to a conflicting IRQ, so I just edited /etc/pcmcia/config.opts and told it to exclude that IRQ. There are lots of pretty well-documented settings there.

Also, cat /proc/interrupts and make sure things are as you expect.


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