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Howdy. Looking forward to cross-building Debian packages...

I just found this list.  Thanks Wookey for the link to
that looks useful.

I've been looking at various distributions - Gentoo, Rock, lnx-bbc, and ELDK -
and have come to the conclusion that if I can make Debian work
for my embedded development purposes, I should.  That would give
me access to the largest number of up to date packages possible, I think.

My target environment is a cluster of embedded systems of cpu type
ppc405, ppc750, sh4, and x86, with system RAM ranging from 32MB to 256MB,
without hard drives or flash.  I need for the moment to be able
to run both with and without filesystems mounted from an NFS server.
I want to support both cross-development and self-hosted development.
I currently use busybox, and would like to keep using it if possible.

After trying to grok the build systems of Rock Linux, lnx-bbc, and ELDK,
I look forward to the challenge of understanding the Debian build system :-)
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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