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Re: Processed: block 984066 with 987379

Control: unblock -1 by 987379

> Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:
>> block 984066 with 987379
> Bug #984066 {Done: Adrian Bunk <bunk@debian.org>} [src:irony-mode] irony-mode: ftbfs with GCC-11
> 984066 was not blocked by any bugs.
> 984066 was not blocking any bugs.
> Added blocking bug(s) of 984066: 987379
>> thanks

This block is incorrect, please see the following:

irony-mode (1.5.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Update my email address.
  * Switch to llvm-toolchain-12, and build with libclang-12-dev, clang-12,
    and llvm-12-dev.
  * Switch to watch file v4 (no further changes required).

 -- Nicholas D Steeves <sten@debian.org>  Wed, 15 Sep 2021 16:56:37 -0400

Additionally, I think it may be a better use of time to focus on
stabilising llvm-toolchain-13 rather than 11 and 12.  Of course, that's
not my call, but I'd like to do what I can to support the effort to ship
fewer llvm-toolchain-versions in bookwork.  Consequently I will be
moving this package to version 13 at some point in the near future.

Also, on the upstream bug tracker, users have expressed the desire to
have a Debian irony-mode package that uses the newest Clang available on
Debian systems, so there is a concrete "for our users" reason to do this.

I hope that this position is acceptable to everyone! :-)


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