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Re: elpa-fountain-mode

> On 31 Aug 2021, at 3:42 pm, Paul W. Rankin <pwr@bydasein.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm the author of the Emacs Fountain Mode package. The Debian package elpa-fountain-mode appears to have fallen some years out of date:
> https://repology.org/project/emacs:fountain-mode/versions
> I've tried to get in touch with the Debian package maintainer Nicholas D. Steeves <nsteeves@gmail.com> a few times without success.
> Bug #960268 suggests that there is a block due to dropping support for exporting to PDF. This is inaccurate. I dropped the existing (partial) support to export to LaTeX. Fountain Mode was never designed to export to PDF. This functionality has always been best handled by the user's choice of external command line tool.
> May I suggest either updating elpa-fountain-mode to the current version 3.5.1 or removing the package from Debian?


There does not appear to be much enthusiasm to keep the Debian elpa-fountain-mode package at all up-to-date. As the upstream author I would appreciate if you would please remove it from Debian.

Thank you.

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