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Re: Auctex and dh-elpa #debian-emacs

Hi Vagrant!

Yes, I think we met at DebConf17, in a classroom that was used for a BoF
I think?  (no idea which one) If my memory is correct you do a lot of
work getting Arm boards working with Debian, and I mentioned that I
thought the Volumio project wouldn't exist if not for your work :-)
Maybe we also ran into each other at a party at Koumbit and/or a Debian
& Stuff meeting?

As for Auctex and dh-elpa, if I remember correctly dh-elpa doesn't yet
know how to do anything with include files like auctex.el.in,
preview.el.in, tex-site.el.in, so at first glance it looks like
./configure is inescapable...and the only workaround that comes to mind
is something like an override_dh_elpa to do variable substitution using
something like sed and dh_elpa-detected values.  I might be wrong...but
with a quick look dh-elpa doesn't appear to do anything with
SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, so it would need to be used in the override.  At any
rate, mainly I think that dh-elpa would be used to get the version and
install target directory.

As far as I can tell, methods that use debhelper's automatic generation
of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH from d/changelog are best practises:

and IIRC this uses the date in the current changelog entry's footer
rather than something like statting changelog and then "touch -d
$date_from_stat" or "touch --reference" (TIL!  Cool :-)).  Of course
I'll trust you that there's a good reason to use this last command
rather than SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH ;-)

Sorry, I have no idea about this style of date stamp:

Norbert Preining would know if it's a TeX-style date stamp.

Oh yeah, that Aug 2020 upload!  I forgot about that since I was
travelling to a wedding at that time.  Before that upload Auctex looked
like a candidate for salvaging.


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