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Bug#987683: crashes with "Wrong type argument: (or eieio-object class), nil, obj"

Hi Lev,

Lev Lamberov <dogsleg@debian.org> writes:

> That's interesting! Thanks for your input.

Thanks!  And you're welcome :-)

> I've tried Antoine's minimal configuration and can confirm that
> commenting out (package-initialize) resolves the problem. So, it
> really means that lsp-mode has an autoload cookie which when evaluated
> twice causes the bug.

Thank you for confirming this.

> But now I wonder to which package should we assign the bug report,
> lsp-mode, emacs, some other package?..

Hmm...let's start with lsp-mode, which should defend against double
evaluation of an autoload cookie.  I'm CCing Rob in case there's
something our emacs package could do (like release notes, or some kind
of init.el checks)...reason being, all users comes from prior Debian
releases will have (package-initialize) in their init.el files, and
there's an undefined but possibly huge subset of these users whose
configs may be broken by the new requirements to move a portion of their
configs to init-early.el.  We can always clone, reassign, and retitle as

Arguably this is just a normal "adapt to the new Emacs version" stuff,
but I feel like it might not be sufficiently well documented (ie: that
the fixes are "lore" rather than "documentation"), and I also feel like
we might get a lot of bug reports from users who aren't aware of these
changes.  To be completely honest, I'm not sure what the "balanced"
option is for this issue.

Rob, does this issue sound significant enough that we (in Debian) need
to do something more than usual?


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