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Bug#981303: elpa-elpher: does not handle clone-buffer properly

Package: elpa-elpher
Version: 2.10.2-2

Dear maintainer,

In Emacs' non-file-visiting text-browsing modes like Info-mode and EWW
buffers, it is common to use M-x clone-buffer RET if you want to do
something like follow a link while keeping the text containing the link
available in a buffer.

With Elpher in particular, you might want to leave a page open in
another frame to come back to while looking at something else.  It
should be possible to do this like so:

    M-x elpher RET
    g gopher://foo
    M-x clone-buffer RET  [note that this leaves *elpher*<2> selected]
    g gopher://bar

Expected result, based on how those other modes work: *elpher* buffer
continues to display gopher://foo, *elpher*<2> buffer loads
gopher://bar, no window changes.

Actual result: current window switches to view *elpher*, *elpher* buffer
loads gopher://bar, *elpher*<2> continues to display gopher://foo.

The problem is that Elpher always uses *elpher* instead of the buffer
which was active when the key 'g' was pressed.  If you have more than
one *elpher*<N> buffer the behaviour will be even less useful.

Sean Whitton

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