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Bug#981148: elpa-elpher: gemini:// breaks when gnutls-verify-error is t

Package: elpa-elpher
Version: 2.10.2-2


In the elpher-get-host-response function there is

    (when (and (eq use-tls 'gemini) (not elpher-gemini-TLS-cert-checks))
          (setq-local network-security-level 'low))

but I think that the when form should also contain

    (setq-local gnutls-verify-error nil)

because it disables roughly the same checks at the gnutls library level
(see the docstring for the variable gnutls-verify-error).  I have
gnutls-verify-error set to t in my init for the sake of https
connections, but it probably makes sense for it to be off for gemini.

Sean Whitton

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