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Bug#980538: elpa-company should recommend clang

David Bremner <david@tethera.net> writes:

> Gard Spreemann <gspr@nonempty.org> writes:
>> David Bremner <david@tethera.net> writes:
>>> Can you try with a more minimal init file? I don't have clang installed,
>>> and I don't see that failure.
>> Note that I see the error when starting company-mode in a buffer that's
>> in c++-mode. If the buffer is in for example fundamental-mode, I can
>> start company-mode without problems.
> Ah, that makes sense. I can duplicate that.
> Clang is pretty heavyweight for a recommends. For me it was going to
> install another 300+ MB of disk space.  That would be OK if most people
> were installing company for C++ development, but I guess that's not
> really the case.
> We could certainly add a suggests (for what little that is worth) or
> perhaps disable company-clang by default.

That sounds very reasonable. At least that'll be a hint to a user
experiencing the error message.


 -- Gard

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