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Bug#927678: marked as done (elpa-beginend installs but is not accessible in emacs)

Le 23 avril 2019, Lev Lamberov a écrit:


> Good to hear that it helped!
> So, 'require' loads a package if it is not already loaded. Typically any
> additional (not built-in) package needs to be loaded (by means of
> 'require' or other elisp functions). Since elpa packages from the Debian
> archive are installed system-wide we typically do not load them
> automatically, so each user in case of multi-seat environment could
> choose which packages to load in her/his Emacs.

Glad it's fixed, but just for the record, elpa package should not have
to be required. They have their autoloads loaded automatically.

Looking at beginend-autoloads.el, it seem that `(beginend-setup-all)`
(without the backquote) is what should be in the init file for the
Debian version of the package.

Looking further on github, it seem that the 2.0.0 version lack a


on the line before the

   '(define-minor-mode beginend-global-mode

This has been fixed upstream (but not yet released) in commit

(Remarque that beginend-global-mode just call beginend-setup-all, so...,
also I believe this fix is against freeze policy for now)

Rémi Vanicat

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