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Bug#917553: org-mode: sb-html.el required for exporting to html format

close -1

On 28/12/18 17:59, Bastien wrote:
> Hi Alberto,
> Alberto Luaces <aluaces@udc.es> writes:
>> when exporting any .org file to .html (C-c C-e h h), an error is
>> issued about a non-existent sb-html file or directory.
> there is no sb-html file in Org's source.  Maybe this is a local
> problem, due to a buffer referring to a non-existent file in your
> system?  Can you reproduce the problem with emacs -Q and loading
> your current Org config?

I found the cause: an old configuration file in /etc/emacs/site-start.d/
from the now non-existent speedbar package was setting html-mode-hook.
Purging that package solved the problem.

I realized that after seeing that emacs -Q did not expose the problem,
but emacs -q did.

Thanks, Bastien!

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