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Bug#916806: dash-functional-el: FTBFS with Emacs 26.1: tests fail

Source: dash-functional-el
Version: 0.4-1
Severity: important
User: debian-emacsen@lists.debian.org
Usertags: emacs26-ftbfs
Tags: ftbfs

Dear maintainer,

This package fails to build against Emacs 26.1, currently in
experimental.  It does not fail against Emacs 25.2, currently in sid.
Full log attached.

    Ran 148 tests, 147 results as expected, 1 unexpected (2018-12-18 12:20:51+0000)

    1 unexpected results:
       FAILED  -prodfn

This bug will likely become RC before the upcoming transitions freeze,
as we expect to ship Emacs 26.1 in buster.

Sean Whitton

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