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Bug#517973: unfinalized changelog entries imply unparseable debian/changelog files


On Fri 19 Oct 2018 at 10:12PM -0300, David Bremner wrote:

> Aside from the terminalogy of "finalization", which seems to be specific
> to debian-changelog-mode, I'd say that's now a (the?) standard workflow.

dgit doesn't use it, i.e., it uses unfinalised changelogs.

> I don't ever want a package to be in a state where dpkg-buildpackage
> cannot build it. I understand that I could use ./debian/rules build
> etc..., but I don't want to be be forced to do it. This means that I
> don't ever want my changelogs to be in the state debian-changelog-mode
> calls "unfinalized".

dpkg-buildpackage can build packages that have unfinalised changelogs,
though?  I have built unreleased dgit many times.

> I tend to agree that the timestamp doesn't need to change with every
> tweak to the changelog. What matters is the timestamp in the uploaded
> package. But I also think that "unfinalizing" and "finalizing" the
> changelog is mostly busywork for me.

The advantage is the fact that you can set the distribution for the
upload while still keeping it clear that the upload is not yet
released.  The way that debian-changelog-mode does it better reflects
the idea of signing off on an upload.

Ideally debian-changelog-mode would support both the dch and the
traditional workflows, but I appreciate that would be a lot of work.

Sean Whitton

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