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Bug#737673: incorrect comment highlighting in package descriptions

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> Package: dpkg-dev-el
> Version: 35.11
> Severity: minor
> debian-control-mode does syntax highlighting for comments in the
> debian/control file, which is great.  However, the pattern to
> detect comments appears not to be anchored at the start of the line.
> So, for example, when editing the following:
> Description: Perl implementation of PBKDF2 password hash
>  PBKDF2 (part of the PKCS#5 standard) is a secure password hashing
> everything including and after the # in PKCS#5 is rendered in comment
> face.
> debian/control only permits comments to start at the beginning of a
> line, so anchoring the pattern at the start of lines should fix this
> issue.

I tried the obvious-to-me fix of anchoring the regex comment-start-skip,
but it didn't work (like so many obvious things ;)). If anybody has a
better understanding of comments and font-lock, suggestions welcome.


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