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Bug#910900: emacs-goodies-el: Upgrade to latest emacs-goodies-el fails in postinst: tsort complains about loops

Dima Kogan <dkogan@debian.org> writes:

> I'm a little concerned that since the recent reworking of emacs-goodies-el every
> single upgrade has been troublesome. I think I only use the home-end part of it
> and I used shell-command previously.

>From a user perspective, you have no further reason to have it it
installed, since home-end is no longer provided. Indeed, you might
consider the RFP for home-end.

> And I use dpkg-dev-el, which isn't a part of emacs-goodies-el, but
> there was some upgrade issue with it.

There's no related bug open on src:dpkg-dev-el. Did you open a bug
somewhere else?

>Am I just doing something wrong? Is my non-standard emacs-snapshot
>package breaking things?

At minimum, it's not going to be tested by anyone else, so you're likely
to be the one discovering any related bugs.

> Do yall need help?

Of course.


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