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Bug#907840: emacs-goodies-el: where are projects.el and ff-paths.el maintained?

Nicholas D Steeves <nsteeves@gmail.com> wrote:

> Package: emacs-goodies-el
> Version: 40.1
> Severity: normal
> Hi Peter,
> We've just about (98%) finished transitioning emacs-goodies-el to a
> set of elpafied packages. 

>                            I've had trouble finding an upstream source
> for projects.el and ff-paths.el and David indicated that you might be
> the upstream maintainer of these.  We're looking for something like a
> release tarball or a project in VCS.

I wrote ff-paths.el a long time ago and "adopted" projects.el when it's
author died.  There is no release tar ball as I was just inserting it in
emacs-goodies-el myself.

It's probable safe to kill off projects.el and I can look at ff-paths.el
to see if it still works well.

> If it would help I'd be happy to break each of these projects out from
> emacs-goodies-el, each with its respective pruned history, but I do
> not wish to become the upstream maintainer for them.


> Sincerely,
> Nicholas
> P.S. That "98% finished" is based on the assumption that
> emacs-goodies-el contained 86 subpackages.  That said, I will confess
> to fudging the number somewhat, because there are still a couple of
> pending elpafications.

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