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Re: Bug#725408: org-mode 8 info does not show up in info index

Hi Sébastien,

On Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 08:35:53AM +0200, Sébastien Delafond wrote:
> On Aug/23, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
> > Is that wrong info page bug still valid?  It just occured to me that
> > it should be possible to add a few lines to the elpa-org-mode that
> > rebinds infopath to put org-mode-doc ahead of emacs' built-in when
> > elpa-org-mode is loaded.
> > 
> > If the non emacs bin/info is the issue, then there might be some kind
> > of dh hook that could be used.
> That bug was still valid last time I checked, yes: re-reading the bug
> history[0], the problem is indeed only with info(1), and emacs's own
> info mode seem to always do the right thing. I unfortunately don't have
> much time these days to try and investigate this some more...

Thank you for forwarding that email to this bug :-)

Bremner, rlb, and I discussed this on #debian-emacs sometime in the
last two weeks.  I investigated using the Debian alternatives system
to provide /usr/share/info/org.gz, while simultaneously installing
org.gz to the path used by elpa-org-mode--the intent of this second
point was to guard against cases where an emacs* package installs to
/usr/share/info/org.gz vs the new /usr/share/info/emacs*/org.gz.

This was a concern because it's an RC bug for two packages to install
a file to the same path.

Debian alternatives has emacs as a master group, and org.gz is a
slave.  Org-mode-doc cannot takeover the slave, so that's a no go.

It's possible that this bug, #725408, is an RC Policy violation,
because it clobbers the Debian alternatives managed path of
/usr/share/info/emacs*/org.gz, but I'm not sure so am not bumping
priority.  Additionally, I'm not sure what will happen when emacs is
updated on top of this package, eg: will the alternative-managed link
clobber org-mode-doc's copy?

But I found a possible solution that could be used for other packages
that provide updated submodules of a big package!


The syntax might need to be modified, but the idea is to provide a
file that a user can copy from /u/s/d/org-mode-doc to /etc/profile.d
that will prepend an elpa-package's infopath to the system one that
Emacs controls.  The final ":" is replaced by the compiled-in standard

I believe it was bremner who said that we should make this opt-in,
rather than automatically modifying a user's environment.  Personally
I see that automatic stuff as one of Debian's strengths, like how any
package can add something to /etc/bash_completion.d.

Maybe an extra layer of abstraction/safety would be appreciated between
/etc/profile.d and INFOPATH?  Something like
/etc/profile.d/infopath.sh runs schema and safety checks on all files
in /etc/infopath.d/{bunch,of,package,names}?

Oh, and the best thing?  INFOPATH works for both /usr/bin/info and
Emacs' info-mode :-D


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