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Re: future of debian package egg

David Bremner <david@tethera.net> wrote:
> If not, maybe it should be removed from unstable.

It should be removed from unstable.  It is unusable, even if bugs
reported will be fixed.  This is my opinion.

Bugs are there unfixed, that's true, but we have more severe problem.

In Emacs 25, text property support for 'intangible', 'point-entered',
and 'point-felt' are obsolete.  This change makes egg unusable.  I
considered to fix this.  But so far, I don't find solution.  Major
surgery will be needed, I guess.

Current version of Egg was written by me, removing dependencies to
external libraries of original Egg, when the original author (my boss,
at that time) lost interest.  It was twenty years ago.

Well, I still use Egg with Emacs 24.

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