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Re: rename team?


On Mon, Apr 23 2018, David Bremner wrote:

>> and
>>     https://pkg-emacsen.alioth.debian.org/foo
>> with
>>     https://wiki.debian.org/EmacsenTeam/foo
>> This already matches our salsa group, emacsen-team.
>> Does anyone object to this?
> Here do you mean migrating the wiki pages (fine) or are these links
> used in packaging somewhere? (less fine)

They are used in various places, such as our Lintian warning.

alioth is going offline so we have to replace those links anyway.  We
can't set up redirects that will last more than about one month, so I
think we should just leave the old wiki as it is, update the pages on
wiki.d.o where needed, and update packaging links as we find them.

Sean Whitton

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