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Plan to convert the world to dh_elpa in the buster cycle


I'd like to solicit feedback on the steps we should take to convert all
remaining non-dh_elpa Emacs Lisp addons in the archive to use dh_elpa.

We would probably have emacs25 in stretch if this had already been done.
The bugs that we were unable to handle in time were in very many cases
due to packages not using dh_elpa.  So it would definitely reduce future
maintenance to perform the conversion.

This is what I have in mind at present:

1) Write a Lintian warning to flag packages installing addons without
using dh_elpa.

2) Follow this up with a MBF, based on Lintian's scan of the archive,
all usertagged so we can track this work.

We need a Lintian warning to avoid new packages being uploaded without
dh_elpa, and we need the MBF to effectively track removing all the old

3) Figure out what to do with xemacs.  I recently sponsored a new package
not using dh_elpa because the sponsee uses xemacs, and so a dh_elpa
addon would have been useless to them.

xemacs is unmaintained upstream, and its maintainer in Debian is not
opposed to removing it for buster,  but we need to figure out the full
implications of doing that.

Sean Whitton

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