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My RFSs today


I've submitted 8 RFSs today.  If anyone has some time to review some of
my packaging, please note the following binary package installation
order that will ensure the dependencies all work out:

- elpa-noflet           (source: emacs-noflet)
- elpa-async            (source: emacs-async)
- elpa-epl              (source: epl)
- elpa-pkg-info         (source: pkg-info-el)
- elpa-flx              (source: flx)
- elpa-flx-ido          (source: flx)
- elpa-helm-core        (source: helm)
- elpa-helm             (source: helm)
- elpa-perspective      (source: perspective-el)
- elpa-projectile       (source: projectile)
- elpa-helm-projectile  (source: projectile)
- elpa-persp-projectile (source: projectile)



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