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Re: Wishlist bug for repackaging of dash-el ? (Was Re: Cask & dependencies)

Sean Whitton <spwhitton@spwhitton.name> writes:

>> 4) Another thing that has been suggested at some point is
>> auto-rebuilding team packages on a new dh-elpa upload. Because of the
>> generated maintainer scripts, this rebuilding is likely to continue to
>> be required, and it's not very nice for uploaders.
> Could you explain why this is needed, or point me somewhere to read
> about why?  I thought that since all Emacs Lisp packages are
> architecture-independent there was never any rebuilding needed.

There have been a few bugs in the maintainer scripts (postinst, prerm)
generated by dh_elpa, and currently the only way to fix those bugs is to
rebuild the package using a fixed dh_elpa. We could also optimistically
assume that the rate of bugs in dh_elpa will decrease.

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