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Attaching (compressed) files to bug reports with M-x mail-attach-file?


for a bug report about a segfault I wanted to attach a huge backtrace
(over 3 MB). I've compressed it with xz to a 33kb file. I wrote the
bug report with M-x debian-bug as usual and then attached the
compressed file with M-x mail-attache-file.

The file showed up uncompressed in the buffer in which I was writing
the bug report. I suspected that this is just a convenience view and
sent the report. Unfortunately and to my surprise this did not do much
else then M-x insert-file and the full 3 MB were sent in plain-text.

See https://bugs.debian.org/758713 for the result (must be over 3 MB).

Is there any sane way to attach deliberately compressed text files to
bug reports written with M-x debian-bug?

		Regards, Axel
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