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Re: emacsen-install/emacsen-remove scripts

rlb@defaultvalue.org writes:

> Dima Kogan <dima@secretsauce.net> writes:
>> What do maintainers of add-on packages do for these scripts? I generally
>> just take the examples from
>>  /usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/emacs/
>> but this is boilerplaty and not very future-proof. Is there a better
>> way? Is there/should there be some sort of "dh_emacsen" tool?
> I believe there is a dh_installemacsen tool, but it may not be doing
> exactly the right thing at the moment:
>   http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=734531
> And to complicate things further, the "right thing" is currently
> changing as I try to fix some problems in post 2.0
> policy/emacsen-common.
> That said, I don't know that dh_installemacsen does anything about the
> install/remove scripts, and in fact, it might be hard to do anything
> that would reliably cover all packages (whose install behaviors/tools
> probably vary).

Hi Rob.

I was asking more about what to put into those scripts.
dh_installemacsen takes the scripts you have already made, and copies
them somewhere.

Is getting a boilerplate script from somewhere the right thing to do?
Current system makes it easy to create non-obvious bugs. For instance:



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