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Re: emacs on a text console - please help me overcome the shock

On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 09:00:25AM +0100, Toby Speight spake thus:
> >>>>> "r" == rdiezmail-emacs  <rdiezmail-emacs@yahoo.de> writes:
> r> The console mode has been a shock.  There is no mouse at all.  I
> r> cannot navigate the menus as usual, menu-bar-open is weird and
> r> unfriendly.  But, worst of all, some key combinations do not work
> r> well.
> 0> In article <[🔎] 87ty99otg1.fsf@jidanni.org>,
> 0> jidanni <URL:mailto:jidanni@jidanni.org> ("Jidanni") wrote:
> Jidanni> My question is how do all those high powered Debian Developers
> Jidanni> cope?  Don't tell me they don't use emacs.  Or not as root.
> Jidanni> Not even when administering their system?
> I certainly avoid running programs as large and extensible as emacs when
> I'm root!  And, generally, all X11 programs fall into that category.
> As previously mentioned, Tramp is the ultimate saviour for editing files
> as many users on many systems.

Just to elaborate a bit on the emacs TRAMP recommendations, which I
think are good.

With TRAMP you can sidestep the issues of running emacs in console mode
on the remote host and running emacs as root on the remote host.

Since you've already got an emacs running under X as your normal user
account on your local machine, you can, from within that emacs,
find-file (C-x C-f) a tramp filename that will cause emacs to:

    * tunnel (via ssh or whatever) to an arbitrary remote host
    * login under a normal user account there, then
    * su to root at "localhost", and then be
    * editing a file as root on that remote host

The buffer text you are manipulating will be on your local machine, so
editing will be as fast as editing local files. You'll notice lag, of
course, when you save (C-x C-s).

The TRAMP section of the emacs manual has more, including examples; you
would want to give special attention to the "Multi-hops" section.


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