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Re: emacs on a text console - please help me overcome the shock

>>>>> "KR" == Kenyon Ralph <kenyon@kenyonralph.com> writes:
KR> I use emacs under X to administer my Debian systems. I don't run it as
KR> root though. I use emacs TRAMP to use sudo to edit files as root on
KR> the local machine. On remote machines I do the same but in an ssh
KR> session in xterm (I don't use mouse or menu bars in emacs in X
KR> anyway).
I'm a safe sex fan myself, however there are limits to how much I am
willing to sacrifice that raw feel.

KR> Looking at bug 633652, have you tried running X programs as root with
KR> sux or gksu instead of su? http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/sux
KR> http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/gksu

Mmmm, sounds kinky, but at my age I don't think we can teach this old
dog new tricks. But I suppose that's what the younger generation will
use and just mark this bug wontfix. Alas, no family values.

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