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Re: emacs on a text console - please help me overcome the shock

>>>>> "r" == rdiezmail-emacs  <rdiezmail-emacs@yahoo.de> writes:
r> Hi all:

r> I'm a "normal" GUI computer user, I've used things like Delphi,
r> Eclipse, gedit, Notepad++ and Visual Studio all my life. I've also
r> been using emacs for some time under Ubuntu and under Windows. It
r> took me a while to set it up with "standard" behaviour, like
r> shift+arrows for text selection and so on, I found the cua mode to be
r> helpful. Every now and then, I even click on the menus with the
r> mouse. However, I've written some simple, copy-paste lisp too, so I'm
r> not just a standard mouse user. In fact, my .emacs file has grown
r> much more than I ever thought it would. 8-)

r> Now I have to work on a remote server via SSH, and the connection is
r> not fast enough to tunnel X Windows over it, so I have to switch to
r> console mode with "emacs -nw".

r> The console mode has been a shock. There is no mouse at all. I cannot
r> navigate the menus as usual, menu-bar-open is weird and unfriendly.
r> But, worst of all, some key combinations do not work well.

Same for me, but that's life here on Debian, even on ones very own
laptop, no SSH involved, and even if you are root,

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