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Re: Emacs 23 breaks hyperlatex

[ Not sure if you read the list, please forgive the duplicate message in
  that case.]

On 2010-02-22 21:05 +0100, Roland Stigge wrote:

> with emacs22, everything is fine, but emacs23 breaks hyperlatex leading
> it to FTBFS like this:
> [...]
> Making directory html
> Title of work is "Hyperlatex Manual"
> Using filename "html/hyperlatex.html"
> Parsing: � ...
> Hyperlatex ERROR: Empty hyperlatex-mode-stack in hyperlatex-set-state.
> Hint: Try running Latex, it may give a better error message.
> Error discovered here:

It might be better to send this an attachment, I'm not sure if the
mangled characters are caused by your mailer or whatever else is
responsible for them.

> For now, I made hyperlatex 2.9a-4 Build-Depends: and Depends: emacs22
> but this solution is suboptimal.

This is quite an understatement since emacs22 is not supposed to be
released in Squeeze.

> Maybe someone has got an idea.

Could you upload your source package somewhere?  The version in the
archive has build-dependencies that are unsatisfiable in sid.


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