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Re: emacs23 uploaded to unstable

* Sven Joachim:

>> Has anybody else experienced the FTBFS related to the removal of
>> dir.old?
> Not me (building in pbuilder).

My sid pbuilder is currently somewhat hosed (due to lack of current
aptitude on amd64). 8-/ I will re-check when it's fixed.

>> It also seems to me that the Truetype-capable redisplay code is much,
>> much slower, especially during scrolling.
> I haven't tried emacs23 yet, but on recent emacs-snapshot packages I did
> not experience much of a slowdown compared to emacs22.  There is often a
> delay when Emacs has to display characters that cannot be represented
> with the current fontset; in this case it takes time to find a a
> suitable font.  However, subsequent scrolling should be fast.

Perhaps it's also somewhat related to the X server.  Most of the CPU
usage during scrolling is in the X server.  CPU load with Emacs 22 is
very low, though.

On my system, the redisplay activity is almost noticeable.  There is a
slight effect, as if it were painted top-down (similar to those slide
effects in presentations).

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