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Playing with a personal emacsen-common build


I have been playing with emacsen-common and some of the proposed fixes in
different bug reports, and prepared a personal build including some of
them, available from


(signed changes file in the same dir). Changelog is as follows

emacsen-common (1.4.17-0.0.exp1) unstable; urgency=low

  * emacsen-common-install:
    - Make emacsen-common byte-compilation less verbose. Fix by
      Peter S. Galbraith (Closes: #132355).
  * debian-emacs-policy:
    - Supplement Debian emacsen policy for load-path and symlinks.
      Patch by Michael Olson (Closes: #122444, #157123).
    - Fix execution descrition for /etc/<flavor>/site-start.d files.
      Patch by Roland Stigge  (Closes: #208414).
    - Better rmdir call in sample remove script. Fix by Kevin
      Ryde (Closes: #424940).
  * debian-startup.el:
    - Show error message when loading site-start.d parts. Patch by
      Kevin Ryde (Closes: #329030).
  * debian/rules:
    - Fix user confusion caused by unusual location of site-start.el file
      by using a symlink. Fix by Manoj Srivastava (Closes: #491129).

Most of the fixes are wishlists or minor, so I am not currently intending to
NMU. However I think those fixes should mostly be in Debian, although is too
late for lenny.

I have also set a personal git repo for my convenience, with more detailed
comments about the changes,


I am also playing about migrating my personal emacsen-common build to
debhelper, but that is not yet committed to the git repo.

Rob, feel free to borrow what you find convenient from it.

Feel all free to play with it. Comments are welcome.


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