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Re: Trouble with byte-compiling .el files on Emacs update

Hilko Bengen <bengen@debian.org> writes:

> Michael Olson <mwolson@gnu.org> writes:
>>> When semantic is installed or upgraded -- yes. But what happens when
>>> $FLAVOR is upgraded?
>> It ought to call emacs-remove $FLAVOR, followed by emacs-install
>> $FLAVOR, which would recompile the Emacs Lisp packages in a
>> dependency-first manner.
> It ought to, yes, but this dependency-based ordering is not happening.
> And, franky, I don't think it's worth the effort to re-build apt-like
> logic on this much smaller scale since just using the source files
> (.el) accomplishes the same thing and the only thing that would wasted
> is CPU cycles for parsing Elisp text vs. Elisp bytecode.

In that case it would make sense to use the uncompiled source.

Also, I realized that all of the subdirectories in
/usr/share/$FLAVOR/site-lisp get added to the load-path automatically,
even when --no-site-flag and -q are passed.  This might possibly be due
to /usr/share/$FLAVOR/site-lisp/subdirs.el.

Here is one workaround that would need to be added to path.el.  It
definitely is not an improvement to the aesthetic look of file, but it
works :^) .

; Remove all site-lisp directories from load-path
(let (new)
  (dolist (path load-path)
    (unless (string-match "/site-lisp" path)
      (setq new (cons path new))))
  (setq load-path (nreverse new)))

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