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Re: emacs22 and aucTeX

OoO  En cette  soirée bien  amorcée du  dimanche 22  juillet  2007, vers
22:04, Frank Lanitz <linux@partysoke.de> disait:

> A few days ago I updated my Debian/testing and was surprised, that
> aucTeX doesn't work together with emacs22, so I still have to use
> emacs-snapshot. I was looking at packages.debian.org, but I didn't find
> any package of aucTeX, that works together with emacs22. Are there any
> plans or new packages somewhere inside the queue? 

As some packages are  dropping support for emacs-snapshot (like elserv),
this  issue  may  become  problematic. gnus-bonus-el  does  not  support
emacs22, so I keep emacs-snapshot for a while.
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