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Re: Sponsor for my packages needed

Michael Olson <mwolson@gnu.org> writes:
>  - erc (will need to remove manual)
>  - emms (talked with the former package maintainer and gained consent
>    to maintain this -- will need to remove manual)
>  - muse-el (already removed manual)
>  - planner-el (manual is GPL'd)
>  - remember-el  (will need to remove manual)

How come some packages end in "-el", but not others?  I presume the
ones ending in "-el" are written in elisp, and I know "erc" is...

Hmm looking at apt-cache output, there doesn't seem much in the way of
naming consistency among extension packages for emacs -- many end in
"-el", some in "-elisp", some in "-emacs", many (perhaps most) have no


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